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Bedbug sprays come in wide variety of aerosol and pump spray products  Many bed bug spray products also eliminate other mites as well such as fleas, lice, pantry pests, spiders, etc… Bed bug sprays are a quick way to eliminate bed bugs and they provide strong defense against the development of a new bedbug population.

It’s important to understand that bed bugs thrive in many other places besides in mattresses and bedbug sprays and a bed bug trap is quite effective against infestations in the areas that bed bugs like to live in.  Sixty years ago, it was thought that bedbugs were pretty much eliminated in the U.S.  However, there has been a recent outbreak in the population of these pests and studies have asserted that growth of the bedbug population is due to traveling.  Thus, it’s important to use a travel bedbug spray to prevent bringing home any uninvited quests.

Bedbugs will infest furniture, carpeting, drapery and other places.  They get transported easily because when a person sits or lies on an area that is infested, the bugs will cling to clothing, luggage or other traveling items and then more or less hitch a ride from one place to the next.  Unsuspecting travelers have been bringing these pests into their homes from motels, cruise lines, etc…  Using a bed bug spray in motel roomswhen you first arrive can help prevent them from getting into your personal items.  It’s also smart to spray your things just before you travel back home…

Water based bed bug sprays are quite effective.  These can be sprayed on mattresses, under and behind furniture, along baseboards, carpeting, etc… without harming the surfaces of the materials.  This type of spray for bed bugs comes in a pump sprayer.  The bed bug water based spray will destroy the current population of bed bugs and it will maintain a protective barrier for up to 12 weeks or sometimes longer depending on the brand.

There are also eco-friendlybed bug sprays.  These powerful sprays will eliminate other pests as well such as scabiesand lice.  They are 100% non-toxic.  To illustrate how safe they are to use, bed bug eco-friendlysprays can be used around children, pets, in hospitals, motels and other public places.

Additionally, there are aerosol bed bug sprays. They should not be used in food areas, but they are safe to humans and pets.  Many of the bed bug aerosol sprays have a chemical potency aimed at destroying the more resistant strains of bedbugs.  Though the aerosol cans have different chemicals than the pump sprays for bed bugs, some of the bed bug aerosol sprays are still water-based.

Some of the most popular brands on the market with solid reputations to back their products are; Bed Bug Bully, Rest Easy, J.T. Eaton, Eco Living Friendly, and All Stop with free shipping from Amazon.com.

Due to the frequency of travel and our constant interactions in the community it’s difficult not to become infested with bed bugs or some other type of pest.  Thankfully the bed bug sprays combat several different types of mites and insects.  If you think you have bed bugs, but aren’t quite sure, the good news is that most of the bed bug sprays will take care of any other tiny creature that may be bothering you.  And, by-the-way, don’t be embarrassed either if you do happen to get infested with these little pests, even our former president, Bill Clinton had to deal with an outbreak in his Harlem office…



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